Isnin, 12 Disember 2011

for the time remain..
thank you for introduce your love to me..
thank you for give your love to me..
thank you for teach me the love..
even i dont remember how the love is..
and i dont regret for know and loving you..
even i know this is the "cinta terlarang" between us!
even i know your love is NOT just for me..
thank you..
for me.. i might love you.
NOPE!! iloveyou.. without i realised it..
BUT iknowit!!!
you know.. i ever hope that our RELATIONSHIP is become declare and it remain until we die.
you know that.. but.. im afraid. becoz im just a parasit on your relationship wit her...
and iknowit...
and you know syg..
im miss the way you call me SAYANG..
i miss it..
and i want to see you too.. soon...
yeah.. soon!!!
wait for me okeh..

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